Server update October 5th, 2020

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Items & Drops
    • Skills
      • Fixed Chanter pvp skills
      • Fixed Assa Silence
      • Fixed Aether's Hold could cause NPCs to permanently stop attacking (see Flirtender Legatus)
      • Fixed an issue where some skills would not generate the correct amount of aggro (see Aggroverlust trotz Spotten etc.)
      • Fixed an issue where skills that switch HP with MP could increase HP/MP above max stats for a short amount of time
      • Fixed wrong teleport animation in some teleport skills
    • Instances & NPCs
      • As we promised in our last Q&A the first version of Drakenspire Depths is now open. As this version is missing some mechanics and the final boss Beritra hasn't unfolded his full potential yet, drops and their rates are reduced. We will improve on this with your support and complete all features and drops with upcoming updates.
      • Changed deranking in the Eternal Challenge custom instance to only lose the progress of one day (see Eternal Challenge)
      • Added measures to reduce Geo abuse in the Eternal Challenge
      • Fixed an issue, where players would not get a consolation prize/second chance in Crucible Challenge if they died in the last stage
      • Fixed [Boss] Antriksha verbuggt
      • Fixed Wartezeit zur Instanzrücksetzung
      • Fixed Agentenkampf Akaron
      • Changed CD Reset Shugo to also reset skills with a cooldown of 5 minutes and 6 seconds (see Recharger)
      • Added CD Reset Shugo in Discipline Training Grounds (see 1v1 location für asmos und elyos)
      • Adjusted skills, reduced HP of Vocolith npcs and changed Crux drops to group drop as per Popoku Skin
      • Fixed some Gate Repair stones did not work
    • Core
      • Lowered player limits for most abyss ranks and reduced GP loss for Great General, Commander and Governor (see Abyss Rang / Gp Gain-Loss)
      • Added 10x icon 186000243 as a siege reward for the top 5 players of the defeated faction
      • Adjusted player limits for all siege reward ranks
      • Fixed an issue where Idians were consumed when equipped in the offhand
      • Fixed an issue, where items could be re-identified after they had been enchanted, socketed or used in armfusion (this caused issues like Evolution nach Re-identifizierung nicht mehr möglich)
      • Improved cumulative fear, para and sleep resistance to be more retaillike. The cumulative resistance duration is now dependent on each skill duration
      • Fixed players could not login if their legion was disbanded within 24 hours before the server restart
      • Fixed items could get locked when trying to switch them between warehouse and inventory, which could only be resolved with a relog
      • Changed server shutdown procedure to restrict less actions and only within the last 30 seconds before shutdown
      • Fixed an issue where the resurrection dialog was still shown after teleport when dying from fall damage (see Tod nach Fallschaden)
      • Fixed an issue where the Arena reward window was sometimes not properly shown to all participants
      • Fixed some system messages related to group and item actions
    • Misc
      • Disabled the faction pack for new Elyos players
      • Removed the .symphony chat command
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