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  • Hello community,
    you asked us your questions and now we are answering them!
    No matter whether controversial or (un)ordinary, we're happy to answer them and hope to finally put an end to some rumors.
    So, without further ado, here are your questions and our answers:

    Question: Why were the players of the Legion "Commanders" permanently banned?
    Answer: First of all, only 3 players from this legion were banned. The rumor persists to this day that this was due to hacks and we can only expressly deny this! Every submitted alleged evidence in this regard could be explained logically by us.
    The affected players were otherwise permanently negative, too. We were overwhelmed with complaints for many weeks and had to deal with videos and screens almost every day and settle things in conversations.
    The peace in the community was massively disrupted and the unnecessary amount of work that this caused was no longer acceptable to us.

    Question: Why have you never sat down with these players?
    Answer: Experience has shown that players who repeatedly provoke deliberately and are so confrontational at all ends are not simply brought to their senses by being warned. And even if these players suddenly all became lamb-like, it wouldn't have made any difference to the rest of the community at this point. For us that meant that we had to make rigorous decisions. A complete exclusion was therefore the only option and we would decide so again.
    After this pause for thought, we have now allowed them to start again for the last time. There was also a conversation about this.

    Question: Why is the Evo drop rate so bad for the Elyos?
    Answer: We recently did test runs on various drop rates and could not find any difference here either. At no point is our server set to prefer a certain fraction. Neither does the team prefer a faction, which we already had to clarify in Aion's Report # 1.

    Question: What is the current status of Makarna and SWB and what are the possible difficulties in making these instances operational?
    Answer: So far, a basic structure has been completed for Makarna. Since the complexity of the instance increases with completion and the system of the instance becomes proportionally more susceptible to errors, we will implement and make available the instance step-by-step. The first version of the instance will omit certain boss phases / skills and dynamic levels of difficulty. We plan to release this version later this quarter.
    SWB is less complex, but would need to be completely redesigned. This is currently not a priority for us.

    Question: Could you distribute the rewards of the birthday event 2018 (not 2019) again in the next summer event?
    Answer: Of course, your feedback always flows into upcoming events and yes, we will again distribute such rewards on special occasions and occasions again this year. However, we consider the summer event to be unsuitable for this and, in addition, this event is already planned and will be announced shortly.

    Question: How long is the server paid for and how long will it be online?
    Answer: The server is paid regularly according to contractual terms, which differ from host to host. We run this project as a hobby and most hobbies cost money. We have financed the server from our own pockets in bad times and will do so again and again. An end of the server depends solely on how long we have fun with it and not on how low the number of players is, if the community cooperation reaches new lows or how much money is donated.
    But in 2038 it's probably over at the latest (indeed)

    Question: Is there still hope that something will change or will it all soon go under the drain?!
    Answer: The question is very general, so we can only answer in general. Based on accepted suggestions and our own motivation, we constantly change or add things to achieve improvements (everything is in our regular update news). We are always interested in meaningful and permanent improvements. Of course, we can only ever tackle problems that we know of. And we have practically no influence on interpersonal problems.
    We always get through difficult situations. Even when it wasn't in our hands, we held out and that's why we are celebrating our fifth anniversary this year. So always talk to us factually and constructively, only then can a solution be found.

    Question: What about client modding and bug fixes in the future?
    Answer: We try to avoid client modding. Reasons for this have already been explained here. Bug fixes have always been very important to us, nothing changes.

    Question: When can we expect an information thread on hacks, bug-using and their detection?
    Answer: Such a thread will be started soon, but we don't have a release date for it yet. However, it should be clear to you that we cannot write a "How To" for this and that we will not disclose much information about our protective measures.

    We hope you enjoyed this question and answer session.
    Note: We have shortened some questions for presentation purposes, but of course we still addressed all the points in the respective answers.

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion team

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