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Solving your problems as quickly as possible is one of our duties. Therefore there are several platforms, which include various sources of information and materials. At first there is our forum as a general platform to discuss common problems and to find solutions together. In our terms of use you can find rules for all relevant topics.

So before writing to a supporter ingame or submitting a ticket, - which you can do of course at any time - check first, whether you find the solution for your problem elsewhere. Many questions are repeated and could therefore be solved sufficiently.
We hope you are satisfied with our support and we wish you a lot of fun on our server!

Beyond Aion Team
In case you are experiencing problems or are having questions, our support team is always pleased to help and assist you, even ingame. You can display a list of all current game masters by typing: .gmlist in the general chat. After that you may write one of them by typing /w Name.

If you want to see an overview of the available ingame commands, just write .help in the general chat.

Ingame supporter is available every day from 12am to midnight. We kindly ask for your understanding, in case, that there is no one online at some time. In such cases you may wait for support logged in to our Teamspeak server. Perhaps there is still someone, who can help you.
Besides all the other possibilities for finding solutions, you can also submit a ticket in our support area to ask your questions or you can make various requests. Our system has a wide range of subcategories - certainly you will find the right one.

On the left side you can see the sidebar with several options: There is My Account which offers insight into your game account data and your criminal record, Create new ticket for new concerns to us and My tickets for an overview of the tickets you have submitted.

If you have questions about how to handle the support area, you can easily consult the support ingame or on our Teamspeak server. The team will always give their best explaining you everything you want to know.