Server maintenance December 16, 2015, 02:00 AM

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  • Following changes will take effect:
    • Quests
    • Drops
    • Items
    • NSC Spawns
      • Removed unnecessary spawns in both steel rake instances, so attacks from below or above shouldn't be possible anymore
      • Reduced the amount of parallel spawning Keymaster Zumitas to two
      • Greatly decreased HP of invasion bosses
      • Reworked and adjusted spawns in Heiron from Kishar village up to instance entry for Indratu Fortress
      • Adjusted HP for NPCs in Kishar village
      • Adjusted HP and spawn position of base assaulter in Levinshor
      • Adjusted some z-coordinates for invasion bosses
    • AI
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where skills with HP and MP heal sometimes restored only one stat
      • Fixed an issue, where the instance entries weren't displayed correctly to group and alliance members
      • Fixed an issue, where wrong siege rewards were given to winners of Altar of Scales
      • Fixed an issue, where artifacts in Kaldor didn't reset five minutes before siege start of Anoha Fortress
      • Fixed an issue, where some NPC skills made too low damage
      • Fixed an issue, where crafting and gathering steps could get always the light blue bars (step crit)
      • Fixed an issue, where the teleport to Belsagos in Linkgate Foundry disappeared
      • Fixed an issue, where invasion bosses didn't despawn automatically
      • Fixed an issue, where agents got a extremly long debuff after handling specific HP events
      • Fixed an issue, where players didn't get the additional chest for defeating Kunax in Idgel Dome
      • Fixed an issue, where dredgion assaults while sieges weren't possible
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs had too much magical accuracy
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs sometimes selected the wrong target
      • Fixed an issue, where sometimes wrong NPCs were spawned after capturing a base
      • Implemented random capture for bases while their map region is inactive
      • Implemented missing teleport in Heiron to Indratu
      • Implemented additional security checks when exchanging items and kinah
      • Activated player's death announces down to soldier rank 1
      • Expanded magic resistance reduction to NPCs level 56-65 and excluded elite and higher tiers
      • Temporarily removed latency period for invasion boss spawns. Currently, they will spawn 30 minutes after the first announcement

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