Server update September 14th, 2020

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Skills
      • Magische Umkehr + Mana-Explosion / SM Skills fixed
      • Beschwörung: Heilende Energie (Kleriker Stigma) gibt kein Healboost von der Heilstärkung fixed
      • Fixed a bug in the time calculation of DoTs/HoTs, through which short skills caused damage once too often. This also fixes the incorrect delay of skills like "Ripple of Purification"
      • Fixed various bugs, through which heal boost and/or heal deboost affected certain potions or skills (including "Noble Grace")
      • Added missing delay for healing effects which are triggered by certain attack skills ("Stamina Absorption", "Refracting Shard", etc.)
      • Fixed a bug that prevented "Blood Rune" and "Blood Funnel" from generating damage reports in chat
      • Fixed a bug that caused Spiritmaster dispels to also remove debuffs cast by other players
      • Fixed a bug where Spiritmaster dispels could cause more damage than for the number of actually removed effects
      • Fixed a bug where dispel skills and potions could weaken several buffs at once if one buff was not removed
    • Instances & NPCs
    • Core
      • Kein neuer Kisk abstellbar nach CD fixed
      • Knockdown Resistance Formel fixed
      • The formula for calculating aggro has been improved to replicate the behavior of the official servers. For this purpose, a continuous aggro reduction was implemented: the longer you do not generate additional aggro, the more the existing one is reduced
      • The formulas for calculating magic defense and elemental resistance have been improved to mimic the behavior of the official servers
      • The system for using icon 188030000 to heal fortress gates during the fortress sieges has been implemented (see Torwächterstein und Torsanierungsstein an allen Festungen ohne Funktion)
      • Fixed a bug that caused the loot confirmation to appear if you were the only possible looter (see Die Lootbestätigung abschaffen?)
      • A missing promotion animation was added when upgrading the profession
      • Fixed a bug that caused certain temporary housing items to disappear only after a server restart
      • Fixed a bug where a character could permanently block housing items when losing connection
    • Misc
    your Beyond Aion Development

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