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      Would you like to apply changes on the voting system? 9
        Yes, I would like to (7) 78%
        No, I don't like to (2) 22%

      Hello Beyond Community,

      I know the server is meant to be played differently than other servers since this server is strictly stand still on 4.8 update. I think we will need to do some adjustment with the voting system since you're asking players to vote without giving back, surely there will be only few players that who would vote just to lift up the server from the ranking list. What I suggest is to make a small rewards from voting system so that would encourage other players to start voting to gain something in game as if they receive for example 1 Nex per voting with some rules that should be per household or any other good rewards. Please let us know know with your suggestions. (y)

      Note: Referring a friend system might not be enough to invite random players (without friends).


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    • Hey,

      As far as I remember, the team gave the clear statement that they don't want to add rewards (Nex) to the voting system. I'm to lazy to look it up, sorry. New suggestions for any ways to get Nex without donating are greatly welcome but the voting system is the wrong approach.

      But I would appreciate it if there were rewards for voting for the server. This should only be possible once per account and per day imo, but giving Nex would be a bit to much since you could get up to 3 Nex per day with this system. Although I can't think of any other reward that can be given then adding a new currency only for voting. And I don't want to even think about all the work this would be not only for the developers but for the whole team.

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    • Then dont give nex as rewards. There could be a 'pool' of items that you could gain. So there is a Chance of getting something good. Like the reward System for the Valentine Event. Not everything is good but some Times you get lucky and you have something nice
    • Good Evening.

      I do like to say that the Suggestion for "Voting Rewards" are not completely Not accepted or being completely ignored. In fact there were Multiple Discussions and threads about this theme - of course all are in Germany. (s.Votingbelohnungen / Alternativen für Nex oder andere Rewards , s.Vote-Belohnungen : Vote-Shop s.Nex fürs Voten)

      In there, are multiple times the Statement of the team, that we shouldn't hope that we get in a Near Future, Rewards for voting.(s.
      Votingbelohnungen / Alternativen für Nex oder andere Rewards first statement from Farlon) Also is being said there, that Nex are Planed for the Vote reward (also s.Nex fürs Voten statement from Neon + Farlon in the first Linket thread here)

      So its kinda more a Question of Waiting. The reason why it is like this, are explained if someone like thy can surely Translate it in English. (notsureif)

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