[Feature] Refer a friend

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  • [Feature] Refer a friend

    Hi community!

    We are always happy when you advertise our server and win new players for the server. For this, we want to reward you especially. From now on, we offer the new feature "Refer a friend". The rewards can only be requested by submitting a ticket in the support area (Request > Refer-a-friend). As soon as we have reviewed the request, we will send you your rewards.

    Here are the conditions and rules:
    • the ticket must be submitted by the referred player
    • at least one character on the account from the referred player is Level 50
    • the accounts may not be registred on the same Computer
    • the advertised player account may not be older than one month
    • second accounts and others cannot be referred additionally

    • 3x icon 166030007
    • 5x icon 188054013
    • 5x icon 188052761
    • 1x icon 169620037
    • 5x icon 188053526
    • 79 Nex
    Referred player:
    • 1x icon 169620037
    • 1x icon 169620105
    • 5x icon 188053526
    • 1x icon 188052638

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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  • Hello Community!

    Due to some bad experiences and fraudulent intentions in the past few months, we have had to adjust the terms of this feature. You can already see the updated overview at the top. These conditions apply immediately and we ask you for consideration in future requests.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team
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