[Feature] Refer a friend

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  • [Feature] Refer a friend

    Hi community!

    We are pleased if you make advertising for us and wins new players for the server. For this, we want to reward you especially. From now on, we offer the new feature "Refer a friend". You have to submit a ticket in the support area, where you need to tell us the referred player (Request - Refer a friend). Once everything is checked by us, we will send you the rewards.

    Here are the conditions and rules:
    • at least one character on the account from the referred player is Level 50
    • the accounts may not be registred on the same Computer

    Your reward:
    • 3x icon 166030007
    • 5x icon 188054013
    • 5x icon 188052761
    • 1x icon 169620037
    • 5x icon 188053526
    • 79 Nex

    Referred player:
    • 1x icon 169620037
    • 1x icon 169620105
    • 5x icon 188053526
    • 1x icon 188052638

    Best regards,
    you Beyond Aion Team

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  • Hello Community!
    At the previous team meeting, we have improved the rewards for this feature. These apply as of now.
    We believe that these changes will make the feature more attractive for the players.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team
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