[Feature] Starter Kit

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  • [Feature] Starter Kit

    Hello Community, hello new player!

    During our planning for the development of our features, a part of the community also gave us some ideas for adapting various packages. That's why we thought even more about a reward system, which rewards both new and already active players when leveling their characters.

    Therefore we would like to introduce our improved and new feature to you:

    The Starter Kit

    Each character who reaches the corresponding level will automatically receive the rewards via ingame mail. So please always ensure that your mailbox has enough space!

    Content of the packages

    Level 1 (Creation):
    • 1x Item Icon169610056
    Level 20:
    • 1x Item Icon188054100
    • 1 Accessoire-Set
    Level 25:
    • 1x Item Icon190100032
    • 25x Item Icon164002272
    • 25x Item Icon162000039
    • 25x Item Icon162002018
    Level 35:
    • 1x Item Icon188054101
    • 1x Item Icon169620082
    • 1x Item Icon169620094
    Level 50:
    • 1x Item Icon121000815
    • 1x Item Icon120000901
    • 1x Item Icon122001038
    • 5x Item Icon161001001
    • 10x Item Icon188053624
    Level 60:
    • 1x Item Icon169620072
    • 5x Item Icon188053526
    • 100x Item Icon162002030
    • 50x Item Icon162000107
    • 5x Item Icon188053783

    :!: In this context, we would also like to point out one of our other features, the bonus package - it's worth a look :!:

    We wish you a lot of fun on our server!

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion Team