[Feature] Bonus package

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  • [Feature] Bonus package

    Hello Community, hello new player!

    Everyone starts once and it requires a major effort to stay the course sometimes. Perhaps you also intend to create an additional account. No problem - we have a suitable Beyond Aion feature in order to reward you for your endurance:

    The bonus package

    To obtain this package, you have nothing more to do than reaching the maximum level with the character of your choice - that is it! Thus you are automatically added to the distribution list for our special "thank you". We are always happy when (new) players are pleased with our work and like to promote the project together with us.

    Here are the conditions and rules to get the bonus package:
    • maximum level (currently 65) has been reached
    • only the first character of your account with the maximum level receives the package
      (the package is not transferable to other characters)
    • the distribution of this package takes place via ingame mail

    Content of the package

    15x icon 186000242
    6.500x icon 186000130
    5x icon 186000051
    10x icon 166000195
    1x icon 169620072
    1x icon 169620082
    1x icon 169620094
    5x icon 188052562
    1x icon 190100030

    If you have questions, you can always contact the team.
    We wish you a lot of fun on our server!

    Beyond Aion Team
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