Summer party

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  • Holiday, beach, the sun is shining - summer is here! Temperatures are rising and Atreia is far too hot for some, so that's why we want to help you from August 7th to September 03rd, 2023 to cool down. Get some new swimming shorts or a nice bikini, lie down in the shade and enjoy a delicious cocktail at the Beach Bar in the capitals. Have fun!

    If you want to be more busy than lying around, you can break cool boxes out of ice blocks with an ice pick or help the Bartender with new ice blocks for his cocktails. But Slim, the organizer of the festival, also needs a lot of ice.

    Summer heat meets Ice-cold refreshments

    Crushed Ice
    Ice is a must at a summer party. In the period from August 7th to August 27th, 2023 you can fight for the coveted Item Icon188100124 with a maximum of 3 group members on PvPvE-Map and in Levinshor. In Idian Depths the lone fighters also find it.
    Additionally, bosses in instances of Cygnea, Enshar and up will drop Item Icon188052627, which will contain one Item Icon188100125 or several ice blocks.

    Break an ice block with an ice pick and you will find a Item Icon188052625 which contains one of the following rewards:

    Display Spoiler

    Item Icon164002151
    Item Icon188053963
    Item Icon166020000
    Item Icon162000107
    Item Icon186000243
    Item Icon188053219
    Item Icon164000126
    Item Icon188053113
    Item Icon166030005
    Item Icon169650000
    Item Icon169629002
    Item Icon188053208
    Item Icon186000130
    Item Icon164000130
    Item Icon190070017
    Item Icon188053004

    Refreshing cocktails
    What better way to quench thirst than a cool cocktail?! Get a free Item Icon188052626 from the Bartender every day and let yourself be surprised by the powers it awakens in you. His cocktails made of Aether taste great. Each cocktail lasts 30 minutes and increases natural healing as well as mana treatment. In addition, the DP is continuously recovering.
    If you can't get enough, you can exchange six ice blocks for one of his cocktail shakers via a quest.

    Save the festival
    Ice is constantly empty and warm cocktails can't be served after all. So you have to think bigger! Collect ice blocks and bring them to Slim and his Shugo helpers. He is the organizer of the summer party and considers your help an investment. The helpers will reward you for every investment with a Shugo Warranty, which you can exchange for a Item Icon188052625 during the whole party and in the last week of the party at Morganyerk.
    But you have to hurry: more and more visitors are coming and use up the ice faster! In the first week you invest 5 ice blocks, in the second 10 and in the third 15 ice blocks against a warranty.

    The summer party was a great success! Slim is also very happy about this and has been waiting for you near the fairground for the last week to say thank you. If you've been eagerly collecting ice blocks and getting Shugo Warranties for them, you now have the last chance to exchange them for more Item Icon188052625 at Morganyerk.
    Thank you for your support of the "Ice, Ice, Daeva" mission!

    Scorching heat

    From 07.08. to 27.08.2023 you receive 3x Item Icon186000111 during your online time.
    This can be traded at Elma (Pandaemonium) and Zena (Sanctum) for Item Icon188051090 or Item Icon188051091 from which you will be able to choose one of the following rewards:

    Cold BoxFrozen Box
    Item Icon125040022
    Item Icon125040042
    Item Icon125040158
    Item Icon125045539
    Item Icon125040180
    Item Icon188052092 //
    Item Icon188052090
    Item Icon188052091 //
    Item Icon188052093
    Item Icon169650000
    Item Icon110900848
    Item Icon110900824
    Item Icon110900935
    Item Icon110900764
    Item Icon110900836
    Item Icon110900867
    Item Icon110900955

    We wish you a lot of fun with the events and a relaxing summer :thumbup:
    your Beyond Aion Team

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