Happy Birthday!

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  • Beyond Aion celebrates its first birthday!

    Many of you used the onetime chance to create your account and characters three days before release to ensure the special starter pack. Finally, at the November 15th, 2015 we opened our gates and witnessed the to day biggest rush of players on both our forums and game server.

    Following this, many discussions, suggestions, adaptions and general ups and downs emerged in our community as well as our team. There you can see how fast time elapses, cause this happened one year ago and now - we are celebrating our first birthday!

    For that purpose we prepared a specific farm event and want to shortly represent it to you:
    You can obtain the event item icon 186000127 from all NPCs in Akaron, Kaldor, Signia and Vengar. The NPC Gracia in Sanctum and Emma in Pandaemonium will trade them for numerous costumes and weapon skins. Additionally, you can buy up to three different presents, which contain the following items:

    Display Spoiler

    • icon 164002219
    • icon 186000237
    • icon 188053728
    • icon 160010217
    • icon 190100142
    • icon 169610146
    • icon 164002118
    • icon 188053006
    • icon 164002119
    • icon 188052638
    • icon 169610140
    • icon 169610060
    • icon 188053007
    • icon 188052637
    • icon 162000107
    • icon 164002120
    • icon 162002030
    • icon 164002117
    • icon 164002116
    • icon 168310019
    • icon 162000137
    • icon 166020000
    • icon 166030007
    • icon 190100166
    • icon 166500002
    • icon 190100120
    • icon 162000139
    • icon 188053295
    • icon 186000242
    • icon 187000156

    Furthermore you can get 20% drop and 100% experience buffs throughout the whole event period! How? Inspect the cake in the capital and find out!

    The event will end on November 30th, 2016 at 11:59PM. But, there is still more, following to this we will continue...

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  • ladydawny -

    HI, this looks like official servers with the mount drops etc. 30 days. I heard there were certain advantages to private servers, could you please tell me what they are? Also do you still have Sarpan and Katalam or are you running the full updated version?
    Thank you :)

    • Estrayl -

      Currently we are running on 4.8, which doesn't include Sarpan | Tiamaranta or Katalam.
      First of all we offer higher rates like exp, drop, ap than official servers. Additionally we make/made custom improvements to offer a faster gain of gear, enchantment/tempering items etc. . Otherwise you have the opportunity to suggest further improvements, which we try to realize ASAP in case we can agree with it.
      All in all we hope to offer the game in a state where you don't have to invest money like on officials.


    • Neon -

      Also take a look on our features page beyond-aion.com/page/features/, most of the facts are listed there :)