It' s Pumpkin Time!

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  • Woohoo, the pumpkin king appeared in Atreia! However, there are still some bad news: so called Sugarcrooks making trouble, further villager saw some ghosts too!

    You are not afraid or maybe curious about it? Well, the world needs some brave heros like you. Go to the capitol and talk with the pumpkin king as well as the friendly witch. Both of them will give you instructions.
    You wanna know what you can get in return? Okay, we won't keep it a secret...
    There are various consumables and halloween costumes obtainable. Also quests and drops will give you several packets with different content.

    The event will run until November 14th 11:59PM. But, there is more to come, following this we will continue...
    Further information will be announced in future!

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