Happy Easter

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  • Hello dear community,
    it has not been a long time since we wished you a "Merry Christmas" and now Easter is just around the corner. As we have planned a few events for the holidays, we want to present them to you now.

    Each egg counts.

    Due to Easter there are colorful eggs for you. You can exchange them for amazing prizes. We have only encountered one problem, with which we need your help... all eggs got stolen. According to our information, the thieves are all mobs on all maps and in all instances. Watch out, not every mob carries an egg along with them, there is only a specific chance to obtain one. Additionally, the time, in which you can retrieve the eggs, is limited: You only have time from 24th March to 28th March 2016. After that, the mobs will not carry eggs anymore.

    So if you help us to collect the eggs, you can redeem a certain amount of them in exchange for prizes. We explain to you now, how it works and what you can win:

    You need to collect: icon 186000175

    In exchange for this item, you can get the following prizes:

    Prize Overview

    for 150 eggs:
    • a random item, with the chance of icon 166030007
    for 350 eggs:
    • icon 110900568
    • or icon 125045476
    for 750 eggs:
    • icon 190020198
    • or icon 190020060
    for 1,000 eggs:
    • icon 170100036

    You can get a list with all possible prizes with their respective IDs by using .easter and exchange the specific amount of easter eggs against the reward with .easter <ID>.

    Returnee or newcomer, now you play with a bonus!

    We increase the Exp-Rate by 100% from 24th March to 31st March 2016, so that you can level faster.

    More Nex for the same price

    You get 20% more Nex for the same price in our item mall from 25th March to 28th March 2016.

    More Nex for Bugreports

    Since last update we permanently raised the Nex for fixed Bugreports to 2 Nex per report.

    We hope that everything is in your favor and wish you a lot of fun on our server further on.

    Best regards,
    your Beyond Aion Team

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