[Feature] Bounty Hunting

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  • [Feature] Bounty Hunting

    Every kill counts

    We offer special rewards for killing players. Whenever your kill statistic reaches a certain number those rewards will be automatically added to your inventory.

    Per 20 Kills (one of them):
    • 1x Item Icon186000247
    • 1x Item Icon186000147
    • 5x Item Icon162000137
    • 5x Item Icon162000139
    • 5x Item Icon162000141

    Per 50 Kills (one of them):
    • 3x Item Icon186000242
    • 15x Item Icon186000236
    • 3x Item Icon166020000
    • 5x Item Icon188052481

    Per 100 Kills (one of them):
    • 3x Item Icon188053609
    • 2x Item Icon188053113
    • 5x Item Icon166030005
    • 2x Item Icon166500002
    • 2x Item Icon188950017

    Per 200 Kills:
    • 1x Item Icon169610054

    Per 400 Kills:
    • 1x Item Icon169610140

    Per 1.000 Kills:
    • 1x Item Icon168310018