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    • Can someone please tell me what the drop rate and the kinah rates are? I can see that ap and ep are 2x does that apply for the drop and money as well? Also if your character is higher level than the mob does that affect the drop rate as well?
    • Our item and kinah drop rate is custom and not directly comparable to official servers, since their rates are not public. Quest kinah on the other hand is exactly like on official servers (but we have a rates event coming next week ;)).
      We try to balance our drop rates so they are moderate enough to feel like you deserved your gear and to not influence the economy badly, but still make everything achievable in a timely manner and not lose fun while farming.
      The level-based drop rate reduction is active here like on official servers. This is also needed to sustain a healthy economy.

      That said, you can always make suggestions about the rates of special or general items and we will discuss it in our team :)
    • Thank you for the reply. If I had a suggestion it would be what the member Shina had suggested about the level based drop but it was rejected as I can see. Also I'm coming over from NA Aion and they seem to have better drop rate than here from my experience so far. Anyway, I'll see how far I go with this server. Thank you for the welcome.
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