Craft - little bit soft pls

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    • Craft - little bit soft pls

      hi admin, I would like to submit a problem that occurred to me today in the craft.
      being few the materials do not run in the auctions and every crafter must also be a farmer for mobs, aether and plants.

      my goal was to create a high level gleaming object to get to the master cataliums.

      16 attempts (15 while I had the house buff) to get ... nothing gleaming and the weapons obtained are scarcer than the blue weapons dropped by the mobs.

      expenditure for a SINGLE ATTEMPT: one week of mob farm, 3 days of gathering, over 70,000,000 kinah for basic materials.

      would it be possible to insert a "gleaming = 3 not gleaming" system?

      Thanks for your attention
    • Yassia wrote:

      Honestly there are people here who have already tried over 100 and still try. It shouldn't be too easy to get these objects. And as far as farming is concerned, everyone has to do that too. ^^
      yes, i don't tell "i'm the only one" XD

      it's a difficult object, alright, but is too hard in a light server. this method is study for an active AH.

      but on one thing I want to give you reason.I said that badly!!
      not all craft levels should have this advantage, but at least the levels where Orange weapons are obtained.
      From purple onwards the RNG component must be left
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