several disconnects

    • Confirmed

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    • several disconnects

      Greetings , Aion beyond Staff.

      I would like to start letting you know that we are 2 ppl in the same house playing Aion.
      After the update 22 march i'm having multiples '' you have been disconnected from the server '' almost all the time , in the worst moments.

      The disconnections have nothing to do with my internet connection because we tested it for almsot 1 hour and the final result is i'm not losing internet packages. Usually when the server is crowded the DC's get worst.

      Thank you for your time, looking foward if u can add a comment or something to this issue.
    • Hey watermelon, we are aware of the issue and are already looking into it.
      As you can see the status changed from pending to confirmed. (we don't always comment on reports)
      You can help us narrow down the search by telling us what you were doing right before a dc.

      Beyond that we will switch our host soon.
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