[Feature] Loyalty System

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  • [Feature] Loyalty System

    Greetings Community!

    This feature rewards you with Item Icon186000409 for successfully completing instances and the associated playing time.

    If you don't want to be dependent on a group, our custom instance (s. [Feature] Custom Instance - Eternal Challenge) offers you a good way to get the coins solo. The higher you rise in the rank of the instance, the more coins you can get per run.

    If you want to collect some coins in a group or alliance, you can get them via the following instances:

    InstanceCoins per run
    Occupied Rentus Base8
    Ophidan Bridge6
    Seized Danuar Sanctuary10
    Krotan Barracks26
    Kysis Barracks26
    Miren Barracks26
    Sauro Supply Depot23
    Illuminary Obelisk29
    Infernal Illuminary Obelisk32
    Danuar Reliquary30
    Infernal Danuar Reliquary36
    Infinity Shard32
    Anguished Dragon Lord's Refuge62

    You can exchange the collected coins with the .buy command for the following rewards:

    ItemItem countPrice
    Item Icon166000194540
    Item Icon166000195550
    Item Icon1880515161100
    Item Icon16200010730100
    Item Icon16200012450100
    Item Icon188051868150
    Item Icon1880536103150
    Item Icon1880536181200
    Item Icon166500002250
    Item Icon166030005280
    Item Icon1880532951200
    Item Icon1889500151400
    Item Icon1889500191500
    Item Icon16502001511000
    Item Icon16502001411150
    Item Icon16502002111350
    Item Icon16502002011500
    Item Icon19002017511500
    Item Icon18706010311300
    Item Icon16961034211000
    Item Icon19010005111200
    Item Icon18805310912500

    We will add additional sources in the future.

    Best Regards
    Beyond Aion Team