Brutal mist mane stalkers

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    • Brutal mist mane stalkers

      Hello! I'm having a bit of an issue completing [this] quest because [these guys] seem to be missing. I thought that maybe they had a different name on the eu client or something but who am I kidding, it's right on the quest's text ingame. I tried killing some of the other scout type mobs but nothing happens.

      Keep in mind it's suppossed to be the brutal mist mane stalkers, not plain mist mane stalkers, I tried with that one too, and I mean one because that's all I found, one lone mau stalker :( . Anyways, is there something wrong? Am I suppossed to do something different and I haven't figured it out yet? I'm not even sure if it's a bug really but I'd really like to be done with that quest anyways. Thanks!
    • You probably have not found the right npcs yet.
      There are not many of them so it can be a little difficult.

      We should probably rework most low level spawns but the priority for that is not very high since more important features need to be fixed first.
    • I feel like I combed the entire place but I'll look again and see if there's somewhere I forgot to check, wish me luck!

      Update: I found one behind a tree and I guess now I'm either legally blind, or extremely stupid. Or both.

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