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    • Gear Switch

      Hello Beyond Community,

      There's no denying that the Aion provided game macro for player to let players use commands in game. Well I think it is an old system for now to use. I believe most of the players on this server use those commands for decomposing some items with .decompose command or for swapping gears etc... For me I would like to suggest a new way of changing your own gear with any type that doesn't force you to use different type of armor/weapon. What does that means?. Basically when you're using game macro command for switching gears you are not able to have 2 weapons/armors at your quick-bars no matter type of weapon you have as long as you have same two armor/weapon names it doesn't change, it happens because the both items has the same identification (ID). Sometimes during the set change period if you're stunned or paralyzed it fuck up your gear by having mix type of gears which is not good for players. So its better to have another way of swapping your gear such as adding special command for it or just post your other suggestions. (y)

    • We discussed this at our last meeting and rejected the proposal.

      There are already a few ways to use macros ingame and at the moment we cannot imagine that the time required for this is out of proportion to the benefit for the players concerned. Everyone needs macros for something else and sets them up according to their own ideas - this is currently largely possible and we don't want to change anything for now.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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