Royal Kitter Egg / Cat queen, features not working properly.

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    • Royal Kitter Egg / Cat queen, features not working properly.

      Greetings, I hope all the aion beyond staff have a great day.
      I bought it and I'm having some issues with it ( Royal Kitter Egg ) I'll start by writing it's description and detailing if they work properly or not.

      1. "This Pet buys and sells items automatically.
      There's a box in the sell tag that says '' automatic sale of unnecessary items " When i select this option, the pet does absolutely nothing, I had it like this for 3 - 5 min checking the bag too see if it drags something but nothing happened. ( Unnecessary items are misc. ??? if they are, i made sure i had some in the bag to see if the pet would do something about it but nope. )

      2. It plunders loot for you in battle.
      This works perfectly fine.

      3. You can also sell items directly to the Pet.
      This works perfectly fine whether if you drag the items to the pet, or double click them, they go to pet's sell window and can be sold properly.

      4. You receive 5% more Kinah than if you sold the items to a merchant."
      I believe the prices in the pet are not being affected by the influence ratio. Therefore by having the influence by our side, the Npc's pay much more than selling my items to the pet, which is not why i bought this pet for.. this is the most important function of this pet.

      I hope this to be check by staff, thank you for your time.
    • That option is to drag all the misc. to the pet's sale window and then click, sell. I'm not talking about that i'm talking about the above option that says in your lenguage by the photo " autom. verkauf unnotiger gegenstande " and it has a box you can mark / select. ( im asking what is that box for when u activate it ? because i had it activated for 5 min apx. and does nothing.

      If you go to the item mall, and you click the pet it takes you to another webpage '' '' the function of the pet should be the same in any private server as in official.
    • If i use the opinion my pet sells the items i drop. She wont sell the items you already have in you inventory!

      NEVER use Gameforge translations as a proof. Use NCSoft (US-english) to get the correct tanslation. As you see there is nothing written about this bonus

      In a german bugreport Neon already said, that a NPC pays 20% of the price, but this Miol only 15%. The 5%-difference ist correct, but you don't get more kinah. You get less.
    • Seishin explained it correctly.
      Regarding the translation issues: There are a few more pets which also have selling functionality and different exchange rates, but those are all 7-day or 30-day limited pets. There are some with slightly less or higher rates than the Royal Kitter, but there isn't a single pet with a 5% bonus. Still all of them say in GameForge (non-US) translations, they had a 5% bonus, like Shuto - Aion Database. This one for example has the same 20% rate like normal NPCs.

      So everything works as intended. It's just one of many of GameForge's translation errors.
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