[Feature] Starter package

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  • [Feature] Starter package

    Hello Community, hello new player!

    You can already create your accounts and characters from Nov. 12th, 2015 onwards.
    If you use this opportunity, you can expect a special Beyond Aion feature:

    The starter package

    You have nothing more to do than creating your account and a character during these three days before official release on Nov. 15th, 2015 - that is it! Thus you are automatically added to our distribution list for this special "thank you". For the fact, that you already show your interest in promoting the project with us and playing on our server, we like to reward you additionally.

    Here are the conditions and rules to get the starter package:
    • Account and character creation before Release
      (registration on our web page is not enough)
    • Only one character per account receives this package
    • The right to receive this package expires 3 months after release

    Content of the package

    1x icon 169610020
    3x icon 161001001
    2x icon 169620010
    20x icon 164002116
    20x icon 164002117
    20x icon 164002118
    20x icon 164002272
    1x icon 190020049

    If you have questions, you can always contact the team.
    We wish you a lot of fun on our server!

    Beyond Aion Team
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