Ingame Targeting Issue (PvP)

    • Fixed

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    • Ingame Targeting Issue (PvP)


      I was doing some duels with a friend and here is the issue :

      Everytime i throw a skill, i have to re-select my target...everytime

      This bug is completely ruinning the pvp

      I'd appreciate any help to fix this bug

    • Hey ya,

      I've mostly seen this Bug with certain jumps/dashes and so on: For example "Ambush" from Assassin or "Retreating Slash" from Ranger.

      After using that particular skill on an enemy you have your own character targeted. Its not always though. This doesn't only occur in PvP but also in PvE and makes those skills for both rather annoying.

      Hope this further information helps to fix it at some point.

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