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    • they were for exterior of Mansion and BTW: the WHole village is the same no difference in outside surface. My stone wall is gone, the Brick outside of house is gone and I may be wrong but I have NEVER bought mansion items that have a time limit and if there are I have NEVER bought them, I do not like items that disappear not even the gift mount.
    • Because the old housing system was fucked up including the database settings, the database migration to the new system triggered an unwanted side effect where it automatically updated values that should not have been updated. We will try to solve this with a hotfix but be aware that any changes you did today to your building will be reverted by this.
    • After further inspection the only negative side effect I could find, was the removal of exterior house decors. Items in your garden as you implied are not affected (wouldn't have been possible anyway). There are five chars affected by this decor problem, so we will take care of you once you create a support ticket.
      Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to track down how this happened. There are no hints as to how and we don't expect it to happen again, but please tell us if there ever happens something strange again. Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Due to a major rework of many housing aspects issues are inevitable and unfortunately expected. For alle the fixes involved in the last update and compared to the previous issues, this one is pretty minor.
    • As this problem affected two of my chars i just wanted to add some information here.

      There are not only exterior decorations removed also some of the interior items are gone and in my case these items are gone completely/deleted. After i searched the list of my housing stuff no trace of these things anywhere and i am for sure talking about permanent decor.
      Furthermore i realized that if you want to replace the deleted decor, in this case my floor and wallpaper this is not working properly. After i chose one of my remaining wallpapers and floors i left my estate to replace the outer wall and stuff and went back in. The wallpaper and floor was set to the default versions again without complete deletion of my remaining decor this time.
    • There's no apparent reason and the suspect part of the housing system that is responsible for deleting decors wasn't even touched (ever). Since this bug is also not reproducible we will test a patch with the upcoming hotfix. Please report back if there still are issues, since there's no guarantee this helps.
    • Please fix the housing issue. All housing in the village is white stone exterior. I previously decorated the exterior of my mansion with a green siding. Now every house, mansion and estate in the village has a white stone exterior. Because it costs kinah to update properties. I appreciate your assistance in correcting this issue.
    • Applied means that a fix is live and the issue should not appear anymore. However there are bugs which are hard to locate and reproduce, so they may take more than one attempt. This unfortunately is the case here. So feedback is very important, just as I explained in my last post.
      Lost decor due to the last update will be refunded to players who create a ticket. We cannot automatically refund decor, because it disappeared on login and not due to the database migration itself. Since the date and time of these events vary greatly and it may also happen again, causing repetitive work for us to refund, the only viable and safe option is to check everything manually and ensure to fix the issue permanently with your help.
    • There is still no color to any of the housing in Oriel. Everything is "gray". Also, items are missing in the interior of my mansion:
      1. Cozy Winter Camp Wallpaper
      2. White Marble Floor
      Light Green Vertical Wooden Outer Wall
      Turquoise Wooden Board Roof

      Also, I listed items on the broker under "Furniture". All those items are gone. Please tell me where the items are.
    • With todays update all those issues should be finally fixed. You can now claim all your lost items with a support ticket.
      Sorry for the inconvenience, there was nothing we could have done to foresee this weird side effect after all the recent housing fixes from the last big update.
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