Supporter packs?

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    • Supporter packs?

      I am fairly new to the server (2 days) so i could be missing a lot with my ideas but im still going to jell them out.
      I am not interested in max lvl pack or anything. Since i like the idea of progression in game and i never thought that AION have problem with not enough skills at low lvl.
      I would say that i prefer to play with less skills but use them wise. Im not a pianist or finger acrobatics trainee. Ok ok im not here to tell terrybad jokes.
      I also think that original greatness of Aion was never about reaching the endgame it was about everything between.
      Like finding a beautiful girl versus getting a prostitute. (NCSoft is all about prostitutes.)

      So my suggestions for different kind of people like me would be:

      1. Crafter supporter pack: 10 EUR (Limited 1 per month)

        This pack would be great because we dont have much players that would normally sell basic materials etc. Since not enough NOOBS. While id like to grind and craft and sell stuff for people who (sadly does not exist) it seems pretty heavy grind.. Ooh yea. I dont have the materials. (Someone suggested that NPCs should sell materials but Morphing... umm... Nope.)
        I would be glad to spend my 10 Eur to gain some basic materials in large stacks. Just to lvl up my crafting and creating items like old time hit:
        Expert Noble Strong Leather Shoes - Aion Database
        Expert Noble Strong Leather Shoes

        It would be great to boost my crafting wo doing work orders and to provide items for possible Newbs.

        2. Not sure if this possible for Private server Moderators but: "New Bloom Supporter pack: Pay 10 Eur to create new character that have chance to obtain higher lvl drops from lower lvl inctances. (Not top of the top but decent stuff). GEt it?

        3. Dunno yet.

    • During our last meeting, we discussed the proposals and must reject them.
      From the Com came almost no reaction to this and the whole concept leads to our assessment in the direction of pay-to-win. That does not correspond to our server policy.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
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