Rune Shield Tower HM

    • Fixed

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    • Rune Shield Tower HM

      (aka Illuminary Obelisk hard/heroic/infernal mode)

      When a character get the sendlog crash here, they lose all the gathered idians and cannon bombs. This make the instance hard to complete because the sendlog errors are really frequent (1~2 times per character in our experience) so the "gatherer" character needs always to pick up the items again but the time available is insufficient.
      It is not an inventory visual bug because even re-arranging it does not show the items.
      Note: this does not happen in normal mode. There, even if the "gatherer" crashes, they do not lose the items.
    • Tower (HM) Instanz Items


      in Tower und Tower HM verlieht man nach jeden dc reloog icon [item: 164000290] und icon [item: 164000289] , grade weil die Instanz sehr häufig dc auslost wird durch denn Verlust der Instanz Items es oft zu fail run.

      mfg Bijouri

      ”Herr, lass Hirn regnen... oder Steine. Hauptsache, du triffst.“
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