Stuttering camera when trying to rotate with mouse

  • Issue in-game

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  • Stuttering camera when trying to rotate with mouse

    Hey there,

    I pretty much just started playing this server and am not too far in yet but for the last hours i had problems with my camera rotation not functioning properly.
    Whenever I try to rotate the camera with my right mouse button it gets super shaky almost as if my mouse wouldn't be working properly but everywhere else my mouse is fine. So that shouldn't be the problem.
    I can rotate the camera just fine with the "a" and "d" keys without any stuttering but as soon as i try to rotate with my mouse it always gets kinda pulled back to the original position/somewhere I don't want the camera to go.
    Hope you can help me out with that.

    Greets Ceridwan a.k.a. Cen
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