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    • Siege Alternative

      I'm sick of full PvE Siege.
      I want to suggest alternatives for Sieges.
      Right now, Cera gain is only made by siege. Both Gelkmaros/Inggison and Upper Abyss give us more than 20 Cera a day if all keeps are vulnerable.
      I can only play half of the week, mostly around 12pm till evening on weekend so I can't join that much Siege times.
      Other ways to get Cera are Dailies in Akaron & Vengar. 6 Cera a day. But only up to 300 in total.
      Next thing i did was changing Mithril Medal into Cera using Balaur Blood Serum. Rate is around 4:1 and the same goes for broken ceranium.

      You clearly need another way to get Cera. Farming your PvP Gear is only Siege, PvE, even more Siege and even more PvE on "PvP"-Map...

      I might be the only player that doesn't like siege if there aren't at least the same number of players for both factions. It's just boring af.
      I know it's still PvE, but first suggestion, make the chests hidden in every room in the Upper Abyss Fortress Instances avaiable for every group member (now you have to roll on a maximum of 4 chests on 6 players).

      Any other suggestions?
      I have way more ideas with PvP. But the actual PvP discussion thread shows that people don't want to do PvP as a way to get anything but only just for fun.
      Damage = Base Spell Damage * ( Knowledge/100 + (MBoost-MSuppression)/1000 ) * pvp_modifier

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