Sauro drop rate

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    • Sauro drop rate

      Hello everyone !

      I went more than 20 times (Sauro War Depot) the drop rate still too low :). It's really pissing me off because it's just waste of time for like 20-30 min each run with 0 mystic drop even with 2 keys boss does not drop anything sometimes not even an epic armor. According to coldwave8 the drop rate has already been increased but it's impossible to get gear with that drop rate since l'm doing it daily for 2 weeks with just 1 mystic drop. So could you please increase the drop rate especially with the accessories and the armor.


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    • Um ein aktuelles Feedback zu geben. Wir waren vor kurzem 2x Sauro. Auch wenn das keine sonderlich repräsentative Anzahl an Runs ist, würde ich sagen, dass die Drops nun gut sind. Die Zwischenboss haben einiges an Loot und ab und zu Mythisch. Den Endboss haben wir einmal auf "leicht" gemacht, da war allerdings nichts mit Loot. Also wirklich nur "Crap", nicht mal Sagenhaft. Auf schwer sah es besser aus, da gab es Seren für alle, allerdings keinen mythischen Gearloot. Ich denke wir werden in den nächsten Woche noch ein paar mal durch laufen, so dass ich ein besseres Bild bekommen kann und ein erneutes Feedback geben.

    • So, nach einigen Runs kann ich ein Fazit ziehen. Die regulären Bosse in Sauro dropen alle einwandfrei. Einziger Wehrmutstropfen ist, das der Torboss bevor man zum Assa und Mageboss kommt, sehr viel aushält aber dafür leider nicht fallen lässt. Aber ich glaube das ist normal.^^

      Der 2-Schlüssel Endboss hingegen ist allerdings etwas dropfaul. In den meisten Run's hat er wenige bis nichts Brauchbares gedropt. Sehr sehr selten dropt mytischer Loot. Ich weiß nicht ob das gewollt ist, aber als Endboss könnte er schon etwas mehr bieten, also besonders wenn es der 2er ist. Zumindest meiner Meinung nach.

      Besten Gruß
    • RavenStorm wrote:

      To give a current feedback. We were recently 2x Sauro. While not a very representative number of runs, I would say the drops are good now. The intermediate bosses have a lot of loot and sometimes mythical. The end boss we once made on "easy", but there was nothing with Loot. So really just "Crap", not even legendary. It looked good on heavy, there were serums for all, but no mythical Gearloot. I think we will go through a few more times in the next week, so that I can get a better picture and give a new feedback.


      RavenStorm wrote:

      So, after a few runs I can draw a conclusion. The regular bosses in Sauro are all dropping perfectly. The only downside is that the goal before it comes to Assa and Mageboss, very much endures but unfortunately not drop. But I think that's normal. ^^

      The 2-key final boss, however, is somewhat dropfaul. In most runs, he has drifted few to nothing useful. Very rare rare mytischer Loot. I do not know if that's wanted, but as the final boss, he could offer a bit more, especially if it's the 2's. At least in my opinion.

      Best regards
      Sorry but you're very late with the reply. The drop rate has already been fixed since 29th April. I think you should look over for the updated threads when they have modified the drop rate

      Farlon wrote:

      We did not need to discuss this proposal at our meeting, because various adjustments were already modified with the last server update.
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