Aethertech is completely bugged class

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    • Aethertech is completely bugged class

      1. A tanky class should not take so much damage (even in pve).
      2. I see no difference in attack/ defence in pvp/ pve after a major gear change (from Ancient Coins weapon +5 fused with lvl 56 Daevonian to a +14 Brigade General/ Lost Rentus weapon fused with strife; from 2x unenchanted strife parts and 1x unenchanted Rentus Base part to 2x +15 and 1x +10 Officer 2-star abbys armour parts). Furthermore, I am taking more damage in the enchanted abbys gear, especially in pvp.
      The problem is quite big and it would be a shame to have to reroll to another class after I've worked so much for rank/gear. Please give me a response as soon as possible.
    • Sure it can but not in the next few minutes. Like I told you yesterday, we can't rush things, especially when the issues are complex.
      I understand that you and other AT get frustrated but you have to be patient and maybe play a different class during waiting.
    • Hello Coldwave,

      before I try to give you a specific answer, let me get some intel about your knowledge of the game.

      Do you know which stats are granted by enchanting armor?
      Do you understand how these stats work?
      Did you get some comparative values in a duel with another magic class? I think you know, magic damage is not random like physical.

    • The mage classes (sorcerere and spiritmaster) are too overpowered. Let's take as example sorcerer, because I tried it. Skill that should give sorcerer resistance to 2 physical attacks actually gives it resistance to any 2 attacks (physical or MAGICAL); Flame Robes should increase only mana natural healing, but it also increases hp healing...I didn't check if it does that in stats too, but you can see the hp going up a lot faster than normal; the smg of sorcerer/ spiritmaster is way too high, everyone admits that.
      As for aethertech and gear, yes, I know what stats are modified. One ranger dealt a lot more dmg to me while I was wearing abbys items than he dealth while I was wearing strife + Rentus armour.
    • coldwave8 wrote:

      . Skill that should give sorcerer resistance to 2 physical attacks actually gives it resistance to any 2 attacks (physical or MAGICAL
      cant agree with that.

      I tested it with one of my legimember and he didnt resisted any magical attack.
      also there isnt any bug with Illusion at my oppinion

      coldwave8 wrote:

      Flame Robes should increase only mana natural healing, but it also increases hp healing
      I can agree with that at my oppinion it seems like that the hp healing is increased too but I think this isnt wanted and will be fixed soon if you report this.

      Skill: Robe of flame


    • You should definitely notice some improvement after the next update, since we recently fixed an issue regarding passive skills and will change the magical defense calculation.
      This was covered by other reports, so stay tuned for our patch notes.
    • What about the abbys gear? It should be quite a lot better than strife (more pvp defence, more magic suppresion, more hp - also because I made it +15 and strife is unenchanted) and I still take much more pvp dmg in abbys gear. Will that problem be fixed as well?
    • If you actually compare the stats of your specific gear, the difference is negligible. There is no reason to believe the gear you mentioned should make a noticeable difference in the configuration you stated.
      For example icon 112501538 and icon 112501423 are nearly identical, unless you fully augment it and have the complete set bonus. It has by default (not augmented) 0.1% more PvP defence, but not more HP.

      For a proper analysis we need more data anyway. Please open a new report with screenshots and a detailed explanation of your problem, if you made sure there really is one. Most of your previous claims turned out to be based on false assumptions (missing knowledge of the game mechanics) or just incorrect, so please discuss this first with the community or at least in our public discussion forums. As you can see we have very helpful players who can guide you, so don't hesitate to ask first. The bug tracker is not the right place for this kind of conversation. Thanks :)
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