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    • more suggestions

      1st npc that is in temple of scales which sells morph designs in major citys sanctum/pandemonium (due to server population-sieges)
      2nd insignia of conquest in more mobs in a neutral zone
      3rd loot from any lvl mob (example : if u are lvl 65 and do dark poeta get full drop)
      4rth some instances a little nurf to be done with 3-4 ppl
      5th sieges that is balaur if u go kill any npc u can get some ap/ceraniums as a reward siege

      thnx in advance (allthethings)
    • First, please use your other thread if you want to add more suggestions instead of opening new ones. :D

      To your list:
      In your other thread was already explained that we are working on a siege rework so it will be easier to raid and get the morph designs. We also discussed the option of the NPCs in Pandemonium/Sanctum but decided to better change things about the sieges. So there won't be NPCs in Pande/Sanctum.

      What do you mean with neutral zone?

      Rentus for example can be done with 3 people. If you mean specific ones we need more details
      And the last one: Siege rework in progress, so there will hopefully be no need for balaur rewards.

      For the future: If you want to do suggestions, feel free to post them. But please, like mentioned first, use the old thread if it's a mix of suggestions and also we need more details. Simply saying "change that to xy" is not much to work with. ^^

      Best regards
    • in neutral zone i mean like kaldor (both factions can farm there i tried farm chapir but 5 -10 insignias is a bit low imo :x)
      i say about morphs cuz i almost run out of scrolls :)
      im sorry about oppening new post
      tiamat fortress /sauro/bridge/rune shield tower/runadium...
      what about loot on lower lvl mobs :)

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    • Or other suggestion is to add smthing usefull in pvp map in mobs so ppl go farm there and pvp between factions :)
      they drop lvl 40 manastones its crap... and the last boss drops keys instead of a gear it would be nice to have some good drop from this boss or in any random boss if its not spawning the same boss....

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