[Alternative] [PvEvP] To PvP, additional modes

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    • [Alternative] [PvEvP] To PvP, additional modes

      Alternatives to pvp, war, violence, kills
      Bored of old, boring interactions of players.
      I have some ideas, that can be alternative for people,
      alternative for pvp.

      For example: Elemental exchange,
      we can perform same actions as fighting, but,
      when we fight, we need our enemy, enemy helps us.

      But benefits only the winner.

      Low-lvl elemental exchange:
      Elyos is too wamrth, asmo is too cold. Its because of enviroment where they grown. Instead of hp, aura points - if we can hold at lvl 10, 1000 points of EL/Poison aura, we will not need pvp. But if there will be more, we recharge it, we will need(similar to fck) to spread it out, or we can use it differently.

      We can boost our(not libido), with items, or some other functions.

      When we will be recharged with it, and energy will go out, rotting us, we will need this new sort of pvp.

      After fightings players can warp-out from exchange field, to their nexuses or random places(anomalies).

      More at:
      Developers could use one thing: share their development.
      Benefits: if people will rent server/source codes/editors,
      game can became more and more interesting, more servers, more functions, alternatives and etc. With just author's rights, they can have percent(%) of moneys from starting this, and if they will let society do anything, they will have more and more interesting things.

      What about money and resources to live? We playerodevelopers can support them, if they will need. They can just make banner with money per month they need, we can just donate.

      As in real life, death and birth is old, not optimal,
      better to use death to something old, to update ourselves.
      Death can be used for things that makes us old.

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