Wrong ID or password?

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  • Wrong ID or password?

    Hello, I downloaded the client in 7 parts from this website, but when I get to log in, it doesn't accept my password (english client) ? I'm kind of confused, does the game not accept special characters, or does this account not work for it and I need to make a separate game account somewhere? I've played some places that were like that. I'm just confused and flustered, I want to play XD

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks for your time :)

    PS: I already activated/validated my email ^^

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  • Thanks for the info :) , I reset my password, and it was simpler, but it still won't let me in when I enter the new one I was given. 0.0 I have the files turned off from Read Only in properties because that's usually the problem, but that doesn't seem to help either >.0
  • Tried changing my password with the one given, copy and pasted but said it was wrong, so I copied it again, and it accepted it for some reason. XD The new password I entered now works :D So maybe it was just a minor glitch or something. I am in the game now, Thank you very much for your help! :D
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