Backstab Skills

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    • Backstab Skills

      Hi the Assassin Surprise Attack and Back Breaker skills seem to not add additional damage even when I'm behind the enemy.

      Even if I use the Ambush skill which should automatically put me behind the enemy and stun them, when using the surprise attack or back breaker skill it still wont add additional damage.

      Please fix soon. (mimimi) (mimimi)
    • Generally speaking, there is no greater issue. We fixed one regarding this topic a long time ago.
      But due to your report, we found a rarely occuring problem while NPCs are stunned or in other states.
      If that's what you experienced, it'll be fixed with the next update. If you face other issues, please explain them in detail where and when the bonus DMG doesn't work for you, preferably with NPC IDs. You can get the ID by typing .id while targeting the NPC.
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