Voting for Nex points

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    • Hello,
      we are working on a solution for this, to distribute Nex for Voting. However, the implementation in connection with our shop system is not so easy, because this comes from an external developer. For this reason it will be a while until we have worked out a solution. We will inform you as soon as the feature is available.

      Best regards
      your Beyond Aion Team
    • Why not do what some other servers are doing, timed currency? 1 hour or 2 = ? Nex, generous behavior always led me to donate. Then again this is just one method. You could always do Nex trade, trade ingame for Nex. Or Events for Nex, you could make a script for random chests to spawn all over the map for low Nex, 1 to 5 Nex a pop. In my eyes, timed currency feels rewarding, rather then items being handed to you right away Via npc or mail. Plus with timed Nex you can impliment ingame items that are fairly common to tweak small advantages in the players favor, IE suppliments, enchant stones, socket extension, basic green and blue items for non working spawned mobs. In this way, your playing over time to earn over time, just like farming money takes time, or abyss points. This is just one way to temporarily or permenantly wait till votes. I also been voting to help get the economy going, i need some trade going so i can break equipment alittle quicker.
    • NEX time based currency?

      I posted this topic in another section, but maybe it would be recognized in a new thread.

      Since vote for NEX isn't implimented yet, how about having it automated to give 1 to 5 NEX each 1 or 2 hours?

      That way it is slowly accumulated over time and it feels rewarding, It doesn't have to be an insane amount. But this could also encourage basic items ingame in the shop, like IE: (supplements, enchant stones, dyes, healing items) as a basic purchase for the NEX, this will balance spending and earning and also might encourage support this way.
    • @psoizzac I've moved your last post into this topic.
      Just because there's no immediate answer, doesn't mean we didn't recognize it. In fact, this is no coincidence, we usually wait some time for different input, suggestions or opinions before making a statement.
      But here we go:
      As you can read from @Razer above (former GM) Nex are a third party feature and not connected in any way with our game server. Even distribution of bought mall items is not completely automated yet. We try to avoid messing around with this system, since the third party application which our shop runs on, is a nightmare to work with. But since the only alternative would be to write our very own shop system, we're stuck with it in the meantime.
      So implementing voting for Nex is an easier task, than implementing a Nex rewarding system in the game server which connects with our web shop system. Currently, I unfortunately don't see feasability in your suggestion :(

      That being said, we had and have events from time to time (even some of which reward your online time). Event suggestions are much easier and faster to realize, so if you have any ideas, feel free to make a new topic. It doesn't have to be a full fledged plan, just some basic data about the rewards and how you can earn them.
      Another tip: We can distribute Nex manually. So if it's just about the shop currency, it's no problem to reward Nex to (ingame or forum) event winners, participants, Top 10, or something similar.

      I hope you find these alternatives somewhat useful, but please understand that we won't follow up your current suggestion.

      PS: No, we did not forget about implementing voting for Nex. We just didn't find the time to work on it, yet (sorry).

      Kind regards,
      your Beyond Aion Team
    • Well said Neon, this definitely answers questions to the ideas i was thinking. Thanks for the clarity and input. I will think about it a bit more on the subject and get back to you on that, hopefully something can come out of it. Did you ever consider ideas like random chest caskets that spawn a unused item that you can trade for premium shop items to a npc ingame? IE: Custom shop, or you could do the stamp rewards , specific days to open reward slips like the calendar rewards ingame, and have it dispense a unused item that can't be used in the game, and use that as a currency if stacked up. Treat the item like a webshop currency for custom shop on a npc. I remember having a idea like that long ago. If you find any unused Item ID's and have a way to get a custom NPC shop running, it's just a suggestion. Maybe even auto mail bot to send the item as a daily reward for the shop ingame that you make custom.
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