[Item Mall] Exchange of purchased Items

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  • [Item Mall] Exchange of purchased Items

    Hello Community!
    As it happens from time to time, that you later change your mind concerning the recipient of the item or find out that a miol, mount or custome doesn't look as expected, we offer you an item exchange service.

    Concerning this, you have to follow these rules:
    • the purchase may not be more than 48 hours ago
      (the time between dispatch and purchase is considered)
    • partially-consumed items are only refunded with their remaining count (e.g. candies)
    • every item is only exchanged or moved to another character once
    • the change must be requested via ticket in the support area
    We offer you a special exchange in case of faction change: Every item, that has been bought one month before the faction change takes place, can be transferred under the same conditions. The procedure of application also remains the same. An exchange is only possible if the account with the other faction will be banned.

    Furthermore, we wish you a lot of fun on our server and hope, that this service is in your interest.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team
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