[Feature] Character Transfer

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  • [Feature] Character Transfer

    Hello community!

    From now on, we offer the new character transfer service. You can purchase it in the category Specials in our Item Mall. Then you have to submit a ticket in the support area, where you need to tell us the character as well as the recipient account (Request - Character Transfer). Once the transfer is done, you will get a notification in the ticket.

    Concerning this, you have to pay attention to specific conditions:
    • at least one character on the recipient account is Level 65
    • you can only transfer a character within your own accounts (same Computer)
    • a character that has already been transferred will only be transferred again after a waiting period of 1 month
    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team

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  • Hello Community!

    Due to some bad experiences and fraudulent intentions in the past few months, we have had to expand the terms of this feature. You can already see the updated overview at the top. These conditions apply immediately and we ask you for consideration in future requests.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion Team
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