Haramel issue

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    • Haramel issue

      Clicking on the lever to bring you to the upper platform appears to TP you. However, you wind up exactly where you left from, and the lever has vanished. I've repeated this bug several times, with various characters. The repeatable quest "The Mysterious Treasure Chest" is undoable at this point. The odd thing is, it WAS working. Couple days ago it got sideways. Independent confirmation would be appreciated.

      Something I forgot, and is far more serious. Once you pull the lever, Haramel is empty. No mobs, no NPCs, no clickables, nothing. The location is still there, but it's deserted. It appears the broken quest breaks the whole instance.

      Final edit:
      With some patience and a little luck, it is possible to glide from the balcony to the central tower where the chest is. So the quest is actually doable. Regardless, the instance is still broken. =)
      Killin' the mobs, takin' thier stuff...

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    • Thanks for the conformation. Nevertheless, there IS a bug, it may just be on my end. Something whacky with my client maybe. I can return to Haramel, and everything is as it should be. I'll just have to avoid that lever, in the future. =)
      Killin' the mobs, takin' thier stuff...
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