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  • Farlon -

    added the news “Gift of the Alchemist”.

    Find the suspicious alchemist from 12.04. to 21.04.2024
    According to rumors in the capitals, Pandaemonium and Sanctum, the suspicious alchemist is to reappear. We have been told that he is able to transform lead into treasures, so it's time to save with small effort useful…
  • Paige -

    Replied to the thread [FRA/ENG] [H&G]Honor et Gloria.

    Salut les fr. Ennuyez vous bien ici les asmos sont partis ^^. Bon pve <3
  • Phius -

    Posted the thread [FRA/ENG] [H&G]Honor et Gloria.

    "Telle est notre devise : Honneur et Gloire. Notre légion est unique, elle se distingue de tous les autres légions du serveur, et ne dépend que d'elle-même. Notre légion, basée sur la confiance et sur l'entraide, prospère dans l'harmonie et avec la
  • Neon -

    added the news “Server update March 22nd, 2024”.

    The following changes have been made: - Skills - Fixed Skill Withering Gloom (SM) - Fixed missing resurrection window caused by Chain of Suffering - Instances & NPCs - Fixed endless trash wave spawns on generator destruction in Illuminary Obelisk (see Schutzturm der Ruhn) -…
  • Farlon -

    added the news “Easter”.

    Shugo Imperial Tomb Transform into a Shugo Warrior
    Dear community! The gates to the Shugo Imperial Tomb were now tightly sealed for a long time and since then you have repeatedly successfully driven away the intruders from the Shugo Emperor's Vault. But…
  • Estrayl -

    added the news “Server update March 8th, 2024”.

    The following changes have been made: - Quests - Fixed (GRU) Der Stab und die Kugel - Instance & NPCs - Fixed an issue, where dying NPCs could be tabbed. This fix affects following instances for now: Dragon Lord's Refuge (NM + HM), Rune Shield Tower (NM + HM), Runadium,…
  • Estrayl -

    added the news “Lottery bad, Shugo game always wins, nyerk!”.

    Hello Daevas, have you heard? The passion for gambling returns to Atreia starting this weekend! From March 8th to March 17th, Item Icon186000389 can be obtained from the final bosses of the Baruna Research Laboratory, Rune Shield Tower, Rune Shield Tower (Heroic), and Makarna
  • Nerox2 -

    Now follows Misha.

  • Misha -

    Now follows Nerox2.