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  • "Upheaval"

    After a long period of wishful waiting we finally finished our preparations: Beyond Aion will update to 4.8! We thought about a simple update, it is too simple for our requirements. Today we will inform you about our special plans and present you additional events and features. Of course, we will provide you information about the update via news.

    Enough of this suspense, we planned to update on Sunday, 14th February at 6 pm. At 3 PM (GMT+1) the server will be shut down to make final preparations, so we are able to transfer your data without losses. After the successful update you will need a 4.8 client version, which you can download via GameForge-Launcher. Also you will need our new client patch, that we will provide after the start of the server maintenance.

    What expects you in addition to the update now?
    First of all the gameserver will transferred to a clearly more powerful server. Moreover, we will offer you some events and new features for a simplified and also more interesting gameplay. In the end, we won't like to win only new players for our server, of course, but also lure the players with a better offer, which unfortunately left us.

    In the following segments we present you the single events and features:

    Ahserion's Flight
    Battle around the Transidium Annex

    This place was discovered by the Beritra Army, who invaded through a portal from Pangaea. Commander Ahserion noticed a powerful Id energy that had built up over a long period of time. He used it to his advantage and began his Ascension. Beritra dispatched forces to protect and observe Antriksha. There's a plan to take him to a safe location so as not to jeopardize the Ascension.

    Asmodian and elysean scouts recognized those activities within Beritra's Army. Their researcher investigated a way to open a portal to the dimension, where Ahserion is located - the Transidium Annex. However, the portal is very instable and will close after ten minutes, besides it has a capacity of 24 players.
    What will expect our 24 heros? The balaur are not the only enemy there...

    If you are able to stop Ahserion's Ascension, every player of your alliance can loot one icon 188053117.

    The chest contains following:

    Box content

    icon 188053109Contains a weapon, armor or accessory chest
    icon 188053112Contains one to three composit manastones
    icon 188053113Contains one epic ancient manastone
    icon 188053115Contains one of the best illusion godstones
    icon 188053090Contains a Lv65 epic idian
    icon 188053116Contains icon 168310016 or icon 168310018
    icon 188053110Contains 2x icon 152012598 and 2x icon 152012599
    4x icon 186000242
    icon 169610148Increases Atk Speed 2%, Cast Speed 2%, Speed 4%, Flight Speed 2% for 3 days

    Bounty Hunting
    Every kill counts

    Henceforth, you can get special rewards for killing players. Whenever your kill statistic reaches a certain number those rewards will be automatically added by the system. To ensure that all players are treated equal and fair, the kills for 50 and 100, which have been already made before the official feature release, will be added at a later date.

    The following rewards are obtainable if you reach the number of kills:

    Reward overview

    Per 20 Kills (one of them):
    • 1x icon 186000247
    • 1x icon 186000147
    • 5x icon 162000137
    • 5x icon 162000139
    • 5x icon 162000141

    Per 50 Kills (one of them):
    • 3x icon 186000242
    • 15x icon 186000236
    • 3x icon 166020000
    • 5x icon 188052481

    Per 100 Kills (one of them):
    • 3x icon 188053609
    • 2x icon 188053797
    • 5x icon 166030005
    • 2x icon 166500002

    Per 200 Kills:
    • 1x icon 169610054

    Per 400 Kills:
    • 1x icon 169610140

    Per 1.000 Kills:
    • 1x icon 168310018

    Frozen Magic Event
    Collects snowballs and get very good rewards

    For the period of 2 weeks you can collect snowballs as worlddrop int Levinshor, Kaldor, Cygnea and Enshar with a certain chance. Moreover, each endboss of instances, which you can enter through th named maps, will drop one snowball for each player. You can enchant the snowball with double clicking or right click. After that, you obtain a higher snowball or a broken one. Additionally it is possible to obtain a snowball with two or three higher levels. The enchant rates decreases with each level and stops with level 10, the highest snowball level. At this level you receive a Icy Shard and a Brilliant Fragment which combination will get a Brilliant Ice Prism, that contains the best prizes. The level 10 snowball cannot break.

    Should the snowball breaks on a previous step, you will receive a Snowflake Crystal or a consolation prize and a Snowflake Crystal (only possible within step 1 to 7, above step 7 you will get a guaranteed reward). If you collect 10 Snowflake Crystals, you can exchanges them at a NPC in the capital cities Sanctum or Pandaemonium for a new snowball.

    The following rewards can be obtained through the snowballs if they break:

    Level 1 - 5, Snowflake Crystal + possibly Consolation prize
    icon 182007148

    Possible consolation prizes (one of them):
    • icon 162002030
    • icon 169231090
    • icon 169231087
    • icon 169231085
    • icon 169231086
    • icon 169231088
    • icon 169231089
    • icon 186000237
    • icon 166000195

    Level 6 and 7, Snowflake Crystal + possibly Bundle
    icon 182007148

    icon 188052996

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 188052822
    • icon 188052637
    • icon 166020000
    • icon 166100008
    • icon 166100011

    Level 8, Bundle
    icon 188052997

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 188052638
    • icon 166500002
    • icon 188053083

    Level 9, Bundle
    icon 188052998

    Possible bundle content (one of them):
    • icon 188053702
    • icon 188052388
    • icon 188052827

    Level 10, First prize
    icon 188100148
    icon 188100149

    icon 188052999

    Possible prism content (one of them):
    • icon 188053007
    • icon 188053006
    • icon 187000058
    • icon 190100146
    • icon 190020020

    Rate event weeks
    Whether new players or returnees, you are playing with bonus now!

    During the next three weeks we will adapt the server rates for you. These will develop as follows:

    Rate increase

    Week 1:
    • EP +100%
    • Quest-Kinah +100%
    Week 2:
    • Droprates +25%
    • Collecting-, Aethertapping- & Crafting-EP +50%
    • Saturday + Sunday: Crafting-Crit +10% (absolute)
    Week 3:
    • Dredgion Rewards +100%
    • PvP-AP +50%

    We wish you a lot of fun with these events!

    Beyond Aion Team

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