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  • The Scattered Deck event
    From 21.10.2022 to 06.11.2022

    Mysterious cards have been seen in Atreia. It is said that these cards belong to Lady Triniel and that they possess a great power. If you know how to use them. It could also be a story that has been passed on by Atreia's ancestors. If you find such cards in Idian Depths, bring them to the card collectors in Sanctum and Pandaemonium to get a reward for these seemingly useless cards.

    You need 10x Item Icon186000381 to buy one Item Icon188053101

    Possible rewards

    Item Icon188053208
    Item Icon164002272
    Item Icon152012586
    Item Icon152012585
    Item Icon186000146
    Item Icon166150018
    Item Icon162000119
    Item Icon162000120
    Item Icon164002116
    Item Icon152012590
    Item Icon164002118
    Item Icon188053219
    Item Icon152012587
    Item Icon164002120
    Item Icon186000237
    Item Icon164002117
    Item Icon164002119
    Item Icon160005027
    Item Icon166150019
    Item Icon152012593
    Item Icon188053113

    Give your best und good luck!

    Greetings Daevas!

    It is almost Halloween and not only children begging for sweets are wandering the streets of Atreia, but also strange characters such as witches, shugo-bandits and vampires. We would like to celebrate this terribly beautiful time with you and have invited a special circus again!

    The Nightmare Circus is coming to town

    While all of Atreia is enjoying the gruesome time from October 21st, 2022 to November 6th, 2022, one person is the victim of the real horror: The fairy Yume was kidnapped by Lord Heiramune and locked in a cage. With her angelic singing she is supposed to attract visitors to the run-down circus, which has been in the red for years.
    Save Yume from slavery in the manege! But be careful, the Ringmaster and his henchmen will of course not give her up without a fight. Speak to Yume's fairy friend in Sanctum or Pandaemonium to find out more.

    The Nightmare Circus is an instance similar to the Shugo Emperors Vault, but designed for 6 players from level 30. In the instance you get a special transformation into a polar bear by default or you can transform into a jester/harlequin with Item Icon188052620, who has stronger attacks and significantly higher HP/MP available. The magic card can be obtained once from Saia (Pandaemonium) or Arika (Sanctum) through one of three event quests. She is also the teleport NPC into the instance.

    First you have to kill a lot of underlings who attack you from two ways at the same time. Then the director sends you his two most loyal lackeys one after the other. Bibaroka will show no mercy with her tigers and Makekike is really angry. Better not to ignore his magic boxes :whistling:
    But not only these two are your enemy, but also time. Kill these two bosses as fast as you can and don't give them a chance to escape.

    With the third and final phase, the showdown begins and you face the Ringmaster Lord Heiramune personally, who not only spawn helpers, but even conjures up a copy of himself that can heal him. The director will fight to the end and has for each group member a key. You can get Item Icon188052686 from the other two bosses, which contains a random amount of key fragments. Fuse all three parts and also get an Item Icon185000184. With a bit of luck, you can take a special pet from both of them.

    You can get the following rewards:

    Display Spoiler

    Nightmare Crate
    (1 Key)
    Item Icon188052589
    Item Icon188051338
    Item Icon188052685
    *Item Icon188054198
    Additional opportunityItem Icon110900866
    Item Icon169600218
    Item Icon125040110
    Item Icon188051874

    Greater Nightmare Crate
    (3 Keys)
    Item Icon188052589
    Item Icon166000195
    Item Icon188052685
    **Item Icon188051516
    Additional opportunityItem Icon188053666
    Item Icon166500002
    Item Icon166020000
    Item Icon166030005

    *contains selectable buff-scrolls (25 pieces each)
    **contains selectable buff-scrolls (100/50 pieces each)

    The instance can be entered once a day. The bosses in Beshmundir Temple, Occupied Rentus Base, Ophidan Bridge and Infinity Shard have a Item Icon188600241 for each of you, with which you can enter the circus one more time.

    We wish you a lot of fun in the circus!

    Beyond Aion Team

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