Aion's Report #2

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  • Hello community!

    Fortunately, in this Aion's Report we have almost only positive things to say. Even more than we promised in our last report. If we look back over the past few weeks a lot has happened, not only in the community, but also on the server. But we'll explain more about that later.

    First of all, the obvious: Due to the stricter management and moderation, we were able to eliminate a few factors that massively disturbed the server peace. At the same time, we have achieved through events and your ideas and suggestions to significantly increase the number of players and activity on the server.

    At this point we would like to talk about the recent criticism regarding the "siege buff": We found that there are various misconceptions about this buff. The buff changes with every successful capture/defense in favor of the opposing faction. The longer you hold a fortress, the stronger the buff will get for the opposing side or weaker for your own. This means that if the fortress remains in the hands of a faction, it rises with each Defense, up to a maximum level of 9.
    The buff drops by one level as soon as the opposing faction or the Balaur take the fortress. And as long as the fortress is not recaptured, it sinks one more level each time. In the case of the Balaur, it ends at 0 (= no buff). Otherwise, of course, the buff for the other side increases again.

    Now to the changes that we've made in the background: We reviewed many of our internal processes and topics and found several work items, but were also able to complete others. There was a lot of potential for improving our efficiency. Some changes already made a positive effect, others are more long-term and only noticeable later.
    For example, we've simplified our approach to discussing player suggestions so that we don't reach a decision after a month or two. Coincidentally, the amount of suggestions has increased massively in the last month and a half, so this change paid off directly.
    Some of you may have noticed that many suggestions have recently been rejected. In case you're thinking that this is our new strategy: Not quite.
    On the one hand, of course, we cannot implement twice as much as usual, just because twice as many suggestions are currently arriving. On the other hand, we will no longer accept proposals whose implementation is not clearly illustrated and justified - a rough road map must be recognizable. The less time we have to spend on this, the more wishes we can accept and implement.
    In addition, during our reviews, we found some things that have not been implemented and which have simply been forgotten yet. So we still have some changes to implement that were decided months and even years ago. For a better overview, we have completely revised our ToDo list and structured it so that we can now plan much better. Therefore, at the moment we can't accept every small nice-to-have and certainly no larger features. Of course, this should only be temporary and also means for you that we will first implement other positive changes.

    And the last big topic, which is interesting for you, concerns our events: We checked a lot in this area too and also cleaned it out. With a new concept, we will also promote events as best we can with our team size. In addition to the few larger events, we will again offer more small to medium-sized events in order to offer more variety.
    Not every event will be interesting for everyone, but this also takes into account sectors that have received too little attention in recent years.

    So we have taken a clear position on some topics and will gradually expand to others. Of course, everything is far from perfect (keyword: faction balancing), but we are on the right track and hope for your positive feedback on our adjustments.

    Best regards
    your Beyond Aion server management

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