[Event] Lost Memories

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  • :!: Breaking news to all Daevas :!:

    Lenarunerk has a huge problem! He suffers from amnesia and has put up rows of letters in his new home in order not to forget his most precious memories. Unfortunately, brazen monster gangs stole the letters during a cloak-and-dagger operation and then scattered to the four winds. In his despair, Lenarunerk has turned to you so that you can help him find his letters in the period from 03.08.2020 to 16.08.2020.

    Of course, you should also be rewarded for your help. Lenarunerk and his sister, Lenarinerk, have four event quests ready for this.

    Hunt for letters
    A kind of black market has emerged among the monsters - business is booming. Fortunately, the Server-Team has secret information that limits the area for hunting:
    • all monsters on all maps from Inggison/Gelkmaros (Balaurea)
    • all monsters in all instances from Inggison/Gelkmaros (Balaurea)
    Please consider the dropcap, meaning only monsters within a level range up to 10 levels below your own will give you the letters - the smaller the difference, the higher the probability.

    Give them a good hiding and exchange the letters for valuable reward bundles. But attention, some letters are rarer than others:
    • A, O, B and E appear frequently (for each member)
    • I, S and D appear rarely
    • N, Y and V appear very rarely

    If you have collected a sequence of memory letters, exchange them at Lenarunerk in Sanctum or Pandaemonium for the following reward bundles:

    icon 188053011 for letter sequence „DAEVA"

    possible content
    • icon 188052164
    • icon 186000146
    • icon 188052719
    • icon 188051564
    • icon 188051601
    • icon 188052515

    icon 188053010 for letter sequence „ABYSS"

    possible content
    • icon 188053617
    • icon 186000146
    • icon 188053667
    • icon 188051736
    • icon 188052050
    • icon 170195021 // icon 170190022
    • icon 170195022 // icon 170190023

    icon 188053009 for letter sequence „AION"

    possible content
    • icon 188053783
    • icon 188053000
    • icon 188053666
    • icon 188053618
    • icon 188054035
    • icon 188052939
    • random Manastone Lv70
    • random AP-Relic
    • random Dual-Manastone Lv60

    Exchange of unnecessary letters
    You can decompose too much collected or unnecessary letter cards (A, O, B, E, I, S and D) and receive the Letter Card Snippet. For 100 of these snippets, Lenarinerk gives you a Mysterious Letter Pouch that contains a random letter - also a rare or very rare one.

    We hope you enjoy the event!
    your Beyond Aion Team

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Comments 2

  • Farlon -

    :!: We have increased the rates of the very rare letters for the current event. In addition, now you can ONLY get rare and very rare letters from the "Mysterious Letter Pouch" :!:

  • linaet -

    only for asmodian? no for elyos?

    • Farlon -

      What do you mean by that or how did you get it?

    • linaet -

      i mean elyos dont have npc for exchange ... that event

    • Farlon -

      "If you have collected a sequence of memory letters, exchange them at Lenarunerk in Sanctum or Pandaemonium for the following reward bundles:" ?(
      The database only shows one spawn in Pandaemonium, but the fact is our event descriptions. With this NPC, both factions can submit their quests.