Server update April 19th, 2020 + server relocation

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  • Greetings community,

    during today's update we relocated the server to a new host. In order to connect to the server you have to use the patcher first, which you can download at this site.

    As always, here is a list of all changes which were applied during the update:
    • Quests
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where paralyze/sleep effects sometimes never expired
      • Fixed an issue, where air bind caused map kicks
      • Fixed an issue, where pulls with moving caused map kicks
      • Fixed an issue, where group heals effected players behind obstacles
      • DoT do not cause aggro anymore with every tick (s. Aggro Probleme Sm Pet)
      • Fixed an incorrect onehit skill in Infinity Shard
    • Npcs
      • HP regeneration after aggro reset adjusted
      • Fixed incorrect HP of fortress bosses in Inggison, Gelkmaros and Reshanta
      • Fixed siege weapons could not attack balaur fortress bosses of certain fortresses
      • Fixed certain spawns of Thornshell Starcrab - Aion Database
      • Fixed certain spawns of Pashid Defender - Aion Database
      • Fixed certain spawns in Levinshor
      • Fixed invasion flags could be destroyed with AoEs
    • Core
      • Schutzturm der Ruhn Kanonen Bug fixed
      • Götterfestung Kanonen fixed
      • Fixed geodata of housing buildings
      • Fixed an issue, where players could be pulled through abyss shields
      • Fixed an issue, where artifact skills and animations did not occur multiple times
      • TU HM: Falsche Anzahl an Münzen der Zugehörigkeit fixed
      • Fixed an issue, where instance reset scrolls could only be used if the instance was already on cooldown
      • Fixed an issue, where instance reset scrolls always reset/increased all listed instances/counts
      • Fixed an issue, where flight time was deducted if logged in in a flight zone
      • Fixed an issue, where certain miol animations were not broadcasted to other players
      • Fixed an issue, where the group leader was not moved to another player if the previous one left the group
      • Fixed an issue, where it was not possible to get into the character creation
      • Fixed an issue, where the removal of stigma skills was shown multiple times in chat
      • Fixed door settings of uninhabited houses in Elian / Pernon
      • Added .nomorph command (s. Command to disable candy transformation appearance)
      • Performance optimizations and upgrade to Java 14
    • Stonespear Reach
      • Added invasion rifts
      • Missing item expiration times added
      • Missing weekly win distribution implemented
      • Enemy players are now automatically visible for legions with territorial ownership
      • Fixed an issue, where a territory was not updated under certain circumstances
      • Chaos-Mobs verschwinden nicht fixed
      • Adjusted rewards of the instance
    • Eternal Challenge (Custom Instance)
      • Geodata abuse with sorcerer NPCs fixed
    • Sauro Supply Depot
    • Danuar Reliquary(NM/HM)
      • Reduced HP of bosses
    • (Lost) Rentus Base
    • Patcher
      • Fixed camera issues in windowed mode
    Hotfix April 22nd: Unterstützung in Gelkmaros and Zerstörung des Anbaugerätes Kampage fixed

    Best Regards
    Beyond Aion Development

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