Summer events

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  • Dear community!
    The summer is back this year from its best side and so some hot days are behind us. And of course this year the summer should not pass without events. We were therefore busy planning and preparing and your patience shall now finally be rewarded!

    Here's a summary of the things about to come:

    Summer heat

    From 19.07. to 04.08.2019 you receive icon 186000111 during your online time.
    This can be traded at Elma (Pandaemonium) and Zena (Sanctum) for icon 188051090 or icon 188051091 from which you will be able to choose one of the following rewards:

    Cold BoxFrozen Box
    icon 125045165
    icon 125040042
    icon 125045068
    icon 125045242
    icon 125045275
    icon 188053793
    icon 169600087
    icon 169600217
    icon 169600003
    icon 169600186
    icon 169600187
    icon 110900485
    icon 110900790
    icon 110900107
    icon 110900420
    icon 188053609
    icon 188053113

    Ice-cold refreshments

    Also in the period from 19.07. to 04.08.2019 you can find icon 188100124 in Levinshor and icon 188100125 in Kaldor. Additionally, bosses in instances of Cygnea, Enshar and up will drop icon 188052627, which will contain one or more picks or ice blocks.

    If you break an ice block with the pick, you will find a icon 188052625 which contains one of the following rewards:
    • icon 162000107
    • icon 166000195
    • icon 188053636
    • icon 186000399
    • icon 166030005
    • icon 188053207
    • icon 188053295
    • icon 164002116
    • icon 164002272
    • icon 188053004
    • icon 187060161
    • icon 188053033
    • icon 166020000
    • and much more

    Item Mall Lottery
    With a little luck, you are one of the winners

    Among all active participants of the summer events, we randomly identify three players
    who can choose one thing from the Item Mall!
    However, we do not reveal what this activity is measured by ...

    Ahserion? How about an alternative...

    Regarding the discussions and your wishes regarding faction balancing, we already have the faction package reactivated and hope that this is well received. Also we have considered an alternative to the Ahserion Raid: During the summer events - more precisely on 21st and 28th July 2019 - we will spawn a special boss with respective protectors for both factions. To reach the boss, a rift spawns at the same time as the Ahserion Raid, which can also be found next to its access corridor.
    This Rift can be entered only from 7pm and this spawn will be announced factionwide. The bosses are designed for each faction, so it was also the current faction strength considered! At 8pm the event will be ended and the bosses will be despawned if they have not been killed.

    The bosses can contains the following rewards:
    • icon 187060084
    • icon 165020020
    • icon 166030005
    • icon 188052947
    • icon 188052946
    • icon 164002167
    • icon 186000242
    • icon 165020021
    • icon 188950015
    • icon 162000137
    • icon 162000139
    • icon 186000247
    • icon 169620067
    • icon 188053113
    • icon 188053004
    • and much more
    Of course, not all items will be 100%, but many of them will. It can be assumed that we will extend the list with many high quality items for you until Friday. We try to keep in mind that there is something for everyone!

    We wish you great fun with these events,
    your Beyond Aion Team

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