Summer events

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  • The summer is back this year from its best side and so some hot days are behind us. And of course this year the summer should not pass without events. We were therefore busy planning and preparing and your patience shall now finally be rewarded!

    Here's a summary of the things about to come:

    Summer heat

    From 13.07. to 05.08. you receive icon 186000111 during your online time.
    This can be traded at Elma (Pandaemonium) and Zena (Sanctum) for icon 188051090 or icon 188051091 from which you will be able to choose one of the following rewards:

    Cold BoxFrozen Box
    icon 125045076
    icon 125040044
    icon 125040039
    icon 125040046
    icon 188053793
    icon 169600087

    icon 110900770
    icon 110900105
    icon 110900846
    icon 110900847
    icon 110900824
    icon 188053113
    icon 188053609

    Ice-cold refreshments

    From 27.07. to 19.08. you can find icon 188100124 in Levinshor and icon 188100125 in Kaldor. Additionally, bosses in instances of Cygnea, Enshar and up will drop icon 188052627, which will contain one or more picks or ice blocks.

    If you break an ice block with the pick, you will find a icon 188052625 which contains one of the following rewards:
    • icon 162000124
    • icon 162000107
    • icon 188053206
    • icon 188053295
    • icon 188053614
    • icon 166000195
    • icon 166020000
    • icon 166030005
    • icon 188053033
    • icon 188053636
    • icon 188052559
    • icon 186000399
    • and much more
    We wish you great fun with these events,
    your Beyond Aion Team

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