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  • Following changes have been made:
    • Quests
    • Items
      • icon 188053089 filled
    • Drops
      • Increased the rate for wings in Illuminary Obelisk
      • Added missing Conditioning/Augmentation bundle in Illuminary Obelisk
      • Added missing icon 152015514 drops
      • Filled empty chests in Gelkmaros/Inggison
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where Shackle of Vulnerability - Aion Database lasted 60s
      • Fixed an issue, where different SM skills could not been used if no target where selected
      • Fixed an isuse, where certain passive skills did not or only partially worked
      • Fixed an issue, where additional effects of some skills were not triggered
    • Spawns
      • Fixed spawns and walker inside der Lepharist's Citadel in Eltnen
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where lever in Idgel Dome were attackable
      • Added missing skill pattern for guard NPCs in Levinshor and increased their stats
    • Instanzen
      • Fixed an issue, where points inside Idgel Dome were not correctly displayed
      • Fixed an issue, where the reward of Idgel Dome were not correctly displayed
      • Fixed an issue, where Dynatoum in Infernal Illuminary Obelisk was despawned
      • Reduced the HP of some bosses in Beshmundir's Temple
    • Core
      • Fixed an issue, where certain NPCs were displayed as friendly though they should be attackable
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs got stuck near hills and walked through the air or the ground
      • Fixed an issue, where the attack stance of NPCs was not correctly displayed after relog or leaving the sight range
      • Fixed an issue, where fortress states were not correctly displayed
      • Adjusted the calculation of magical defense so that magical skills with high damage will be stronger and skills with low damage less affected
      • Greatly reduced the magical defense of NPCs
      • Now item and quest icons will be displayed in .id
    • Legion GP:
      Replaced the system of brigade general gp and deputy gp with a new one.
      With the first one the brigade general of the fortress conquering legion got GP and they were removed if fortress were lost or resetted. The only effect of this was a temporary boost of GP and often rank which resulted in an unnecessary high loss.
      The deputy GP were only distributed of the fortress was successfully defended and the brigade general distributed the deputy rank fair. Additionally it restricted the flexibility of the right distribution system. Players who were not conform with this system possibly got disadvantaged or the brigade general could abuse this.

      Following system was implemented to assure a fairy distribution of the legion GP:
      Each legion member, who successfully participates in a fortress siege in which his legion conquers/defends it will get GP despite his rank. At this, 1000 GP will be equally distributed between the siege participants within the legion - capped to 200 GP per legion member. As siege participant counts as common each player which made siege-relevant AP within the fortress range.

      With this change, all existing brigade general GP will be removed.
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