Spring events

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  • Dear community,

    we have already experienced the first rays of sunshine, spring is coming and now Easter is just around the corner again. So we planned some events for you and want to introduce them to you:

    Blessing of the magic fountain
    Collect Magic Blooms and win great rewards

    This year there's something different for you - at this event you can get the event item in different ways. This can be exchanged to get either one of two different bundles with rewards, a new try or a blank. So it depends on your luck, too.

    From 06th April to 22nd April you will find in Sanctum and Pandaemonium the 'Magic Fountain', where you can exchange the event item. But beware: You should always keep the blanks, because we will exchange them for Nex at the end of the event! We will not reveal the exact exchange rate yet ;)

    You have the following options to get icon 186000406:
    1. Kill Quests
      Two event NPCs stand at the magic fountain, providing information and quests.
    2. Online time
      You will automatically receive a magic bloom while logged in.
    3. Farming
      Travel to Signia and Vengar to pick blooms. For Asmodians only red specimens are relevant, for Elyos only yellow. White magic blooms grow in Akaron and can be used by both factions.
    4. Instances
      In the instances Illuminary Obelisk, Infernal Illuminary Obelisk, Danuar Sanctuary, Seized Danuar Sanctuary and Ophidan Bridge receives each group member icon 188053915 which in turn contains the event item 3 times.
    You can trade the magic bloom at the magic fountain for the following rewards:
    • icon 186000406 (new try)
    • icon 186000407 (blank)
    • icon 188054029
    • icon 188054028
    In the gifts you will find one of the following rewards:

    Special Gift

    • icon 186000242
    • icon 186000051
    • icon 186000236
    • icon 188053610
    • icon 166020000
    • icon 166100023
    • icon 188053295
    • icon 166500002
    • icon 166030005
    • icon 188053702
    • icon 188052388
    • icon 188052827
    • icon 188053915
    • icon 188053618
    • icon 188054238
    • icon 168310013
    • icon 187000155
    • icon 190100115


    • icon 164000118
    • icon 164000122
    • icon 188053609
    • icon 160010101 // icon 160010102
    • icon 186000242
    • icon 186000051
    • icon 164000126
    • icon 164000130
    • icon 186000236
    • icon 166100020
    • icon 186000406
    • icon 166020000
    • icon 188053702
    • icon 188052388
    • icon 188052827
    • icon 169610060

    From 01st April to 30th April all PvP kills in Cygnea, Enshar, Levinshor and on our PvP-Map will be counted and evaluated per class. The top three of each class will receive the following prizes:

    1st place
    40x icon 186000242
    30x icon 186000051
    3x icon 188950017
    2nd place
    20x icon 186000242
    15x icon 186000051
    3rd place
    10x icon 186000242
    5x icon 186000051

    Increased Rates
    Now you play with a bonus!

    The following rate increases will be available:

    from 30th March to 08th April
    • EXP-Rates +100%
    • Gathering-EXP +100%
    from 23rd April to 29th April
    • Gathering-Count +100%
    • Droprates +25%
    from 30th April to 06th May
    • AP +100%
    • Crafting-Crit +10% (absolute)

    Best regards and have a lot of fun with the events,
    your Beyond Aion Team

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  • Haka -

    No exchange rate for blanks?