It's Pumpkin time!

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  • It is that time again, the pumpkin king has sent us a message:

    Pumpkin king wrote:

    Dear Daevas,
    I have an urgent request to you. The sugarcrooks follow me and I need you to take care of them as soon as I arrive on 29.10.2017 by 6 pm. Just come to me, I'll tell you what you have to do. I will be there until 02.11.2017 at 8 pm.

    You are not afraid and perhaps even curious? Very good! The world needs brave heroes like you. Go to the capital city and speak with the pumpkin king, as well as the friendly witch.

    What do you receive in return for your help? Well, we do not want to throw in anyone at the deep end, so we tell you: consumables and Halloween Costumes
    Through various quests and drops you get different packages with different contents.

    We wish you all the best for this event.

    The Scattered Deck event
    From 23.10.2017 to 05.11.2017

    Mysterious cards have been seen in Atreia. It is said that these cards belong to 'Lady Triniel' and that they possess a great power. If you know how to use them. It could also be a story that has been passed on by Atreia's ancestors. If you find such cards in Levinshor, bring them to the card collectors in Sanctum and Pandaemonium to get a reward for these seemingly useless cards.

    You need 10x icon 186000381 to buy one icon 188053101

    Possible rewards

    icon 170100024
    icon 110900866
    icon 190020087
    icon 187050021
    icon 169600218
    icon 188052638
    icon 188950007
    icon 188950015
    icon 188950018
    icon 188950019
    icon 166050081
    icon 166050083
    icon 166050082
    icon 166050084
    icon 166150018
    icon 166150019
    icon 186000242
    icon 186000051
    icon 160002477
    icon 160002475
    icon 162000141
    icon 162000137
    icon 162000139
    icon 164002118
    icon 164002117
    icon 164002116
    icon 164002272
    icon 160005027
    icon 162001033

    Give your best und good luck!

    Beyond Aion Team

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