Server update July 16th, 2017, 11:15 PM

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  • The following changes have been made:
    • Items
      • Increased the chance of rare manastones out of icon 188053322. Additionally increased the random count to 3.
    • Drops
      • Increased the chance for the shovel skin in Haramel
      • Added missing dragonbound skins to drop tables
    • Skills
      • Fixed an issue, where NPC headings were not correctly update under certain circumstances
    • AI
      • Fixed an issue, where Malekor servants (e.g. in Theobomos Lab) could not attack
      • Fixed an issue, where the fist encounter with Ashunatal in Aturam Sky Fortress could end in killing her which did not open the door
      • Fixed an issue, where the animation of the drone in Aturam Sky Fortress were not trigger
    • Core
      • Auto Attack Fehler behoben
      • Fixed an issue, where assassins could not attack their target while auto-approaching
      • Fixed an issue, where resurrection inside Illuminary Obelisk was not possible
      • Fixed an issue, where the instance Illuminary Obelisk started to early
      • Fixed an issue, where NPCs were not visible under certain circumstances
    • Custom
      • Added fine balic materials to the drop tables of the pvp-map
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    Beyond Aion Development

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